Playing Penny Slots and Correct Time/Money Management

One of the most important rules to follow when playing online casino games such as penny slots is to manage their money as well as their time. When players learn to manipulate these key elements to their advantage they will start having a better time without so many money and time restrictions.

Learning to figure out how much one can spend or risk at an online casino game is crucial. Whether you’re the type of player trying to make money or simply pass the time, it is important to remember that most of all these games offer a great deal of entertainment and that even though it is fun to think that one would cash in great deals of cash, this will not happen all of the time. Therefore, it’s smart to have a set bankroll for your favorite games and it could be a weekly or monthly thing. However, players should be on top of it and never exceed the set amount. A great deal of online casino players who fail to manage their money correctly will accept that it hasn’t been beneficial for their gameplay.

Figuring out how to manage your time at the tables or online slot machines is also a very important element to have under control. Players must keep in mind that the longer the time the spend playing another hand or spinning the slots a few times more, the more money they will be spending, even if it’s just a simple penny slot machine. There are plenty of players who start off hot and win the first few games and as minutes go by they start losing and continue to bet thinking they can win back what the just lost. Players need to budget their time as well as their money. When they learn how to do this and really learn how to play the games correctly, players will enjoy the games much more and come back to their favorite online casinos on a regular basis.

New Goodies at the Rival Gaming Site

Without a doubt, one of the best providers of online casino software and games is Rival Gaming. This team of experts really knows their target audience and delivers what seems to be exactly what online casino players are looking for: good quality games and a broad selection of free penny slots. Rival Gaming knows how to keep online casinos happy and therefore their players continue to use play their games. This gives Rival enough understanding of how to better themselves and their product.

In an effort to continue moving forward with what the online casino community wants and expects from software and games providers, Rival Gaming has recently revamped their website into a much better looking site with a superb layout. In the past their website was outdated and lacked personality. Perhaps they thought that their business only spoke to people through their slot games, however these days clients, as well as players, want to know more about Rival Gaming and often visit their site.

Some of the newest features in the re-design are that now players have the chance to browse through all of the Rival Gaming casinos without having to search for them on the internet engines. Casino operators who are looking into using Rival Gaming’s services can contact them through an online form right on their site. This application contains all the information needed by Rival Gaming to get back to the client with the necessary details hence making things easier for both parties. The new design has Rival Gaming’s history and other important details about their administration and security features in two sections that are easier to find. These sections are called “About Rival” and “Business Service” and will really help the newer visitors find out everything they need to know about Rival Gaming and their fantastic operation.

How much can I win with Penny Slots?

Playing slots in penny denomination is as low as you can go. It is expected too that the winnings you can make are the lowest of their kind. Think again.

Although penny slots are the cheapest slots available they don’t necessarily have just small jackpots. Like all slot machines the jackpots range from mere jackpots that are the same value as the original bet to jackpots that greatly multiply your bet. Some penny slots have jackpots above 10,000 coins in max bet which usually 3 coins. So for a 3 coin bet (3 pennies) you can easily make $300. $300 is a fairly reasonable sum for a spin that costs the same amount of change you drop and don’t bother to pick up. In fact, $300 is even a considerable amount for a $1 spin and people that spin at $1 machines are happy when they get such high amount. Now, obviously, it does not happen on every session that a player will hit $300 for a 3 penny spin but the point is that it is possible. While playing penny slots you can still make quite a profit.

A very good session on penny slots you can end up with $25 to $100 profit. In an extremely good session you can end up to $500. Considering that you are risking for this only a few bucks, playing penny slots can be highly profitable when luck sticks to your side. We recommend players that are on a budget to stick to these slots which can give them the thrill of gambling, winnings and taking a profit without much risk of going bankrupt. For this reason penny slots online continue to be a favorite form of entertainment for casino-goers. There will probably be a day when a casino will launch that is exclusive built with penny slots.

Win all of Cleopatra’s Coins for Just A Penny!

Cleopatra’s Coins slot machine is another great game developed by Rival Gaming. This 5 reel and 15 payline video slot was created to be more than a money-maker, but rather a fun slot that you can play for as little as a penny. Thats right! One penny! This fabulous slot features all the goodies that you love like flawless graphics and animations all the while you get to play with wagering amounts from $0.01 and up to $0.50. Works fine for every type of gambler out there.
Cleopatra Slot
The game begins with a superb animation about that period of time when Queen Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Egypt. Everything about the slot revolves around this ancient time with symbols such as Julius Caesar, Marc Antony, a Scarab, the Sphinx, the pyramids, an ancient coin and various of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. In addition to these awesome symbols, the game also features background sounds with classical Egyptian music. I find this to be incredibly appealing because it really puts me in the mood of the specific theme of the game.

Playing Cleopatra’s Coins slot is not only fun but it’s also inviting for its huge winning possibilities with as little as one penny investment. This game has a wild symbol, a free spins round and a fun bonus game. The Free Spins round is triggered when players land three, four or five Asp symbols with 10, 20 or 100 free spins respectively. When the free spins round is activated players will get the chance to triple their winnings. Cleopatra’s Coins also has a fantastic bonus game. Players have to land three or more Egyptian coins to enter a secret chamber with Queen Cleopatra herself. In this room players will need to break a series of urns and collect either a nice amount of coins or a set of free spins.